Ever since I was a child, I have bitten my fingernails. My parents tried bribery, hot solution painted on my nails, etc, but nothing seemed to prevent me from biting my nails. I tended to bite my nails when I was thinking, worried about something, or bored.Although skeptical, I participated in a hypnotic session suggestive of not biting my nails. As a result (and much to my surprise), I have quit biting my nails. Having fingernails has had a positive impact in my personal life. I have received attention and praise from family and colleagues her crowing my nails. In addition, the hypnosis has helped me accomplish something that I was not able to do in the past. I feel better about the appearance of my hands and being able to accomplish a goal. 
 - SM
I came to you with an irrational fear of bugs, specifically bedbugs, roaches, and spiders. I was having a hard time sleeping because of this fear and the site of any kind of crawling bug would immediately make me anxious. If I saw a bug in my apartment, I would spray Raid all over the area and room, which was making me sick because I was breathing in all those fumes. I couldn't open the windows because I was worried about bugs finding a crack in the screen and crawl into my apartment.After working with you on this issue, I am now able to sleep so much better. I do not have anxiety and I'm not scared if I see a bug. I do not dwell on or consistently think about bugs. I just feel much more relaxed and calm overall now. I'm able to open my windows without any worries and I don't use Raid all over the apartment. It is a huge relief and I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders. 
 - N
Dear Jim,I just wanted to thank you for the transformation I have experienced these last three weeks. I was trying to lose the weight I have been gaining within the past year, but it was very hard to control my cravings for chocolate and also control the amount of food I was eating.After the hypnosis session three weeks ago, although the stresses that I have been exposed to have not changed, I do not feel the need to turn to food /chocolate to try to compensate or anxiety or anything else and I have lost eight pounds in three weeks!I just have positive feedback about this experience. It has been amazing! 
Thank you, 
 - SB
I have had a fingernail biting habit for more than 20 years. It is a habit associated the stress and results in broken skin on the cuticle. When cuticles are improperly removed, they are susceptible to infections and it has been a very difficult issue to be resolved.After trying different methods, I had the opportunity to try hypnosis as an alternative for resolving this problem. After having 2-3 sessions of hypnosis, I've stopped with this habit and I do not feel any need to bite my fingernails anymore.In addition to that, hypnosis has helped me also to lose weight. In approximately 2 months I've lost 16 pounds. With hypnosis I have reduced my appetite and have lost weight faster than before. 
 - PL
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